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April 24, sound

napowrimo #24: listen up!

The world seems to be getting noisier all the time and often writers find themselves needing to block it out so they can concentrate. Well this week, don’t do that. Instead,  listen to all the noise and let it inspire your poetry!

For example, you could write a mood piece based on the sounds around you at the moment or write a narrative driven by sound. Or you might prefer to write about silence. Or something else entirely.

The cicada call for mates makes me stir
in bed late at night, shuffle, shuffle the sheets
where legs meet without lubricant-no glide only pop-stick.
Away from here--dogs howl trying to be wolves
and cats cry like babies I should have by now.
But the phone doesn't drip--it's empty
I took the last sip when I said, "Good-bye."
Good-bye, a hush of breath mumbled
under your words, folded, folded, pulled
plucked, gone, swished over and spit out.

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a great selection of sounds in here and you use them well to create mood

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